Half haven. Half hotspot.


Luma enters the scene at the intersection of First Hill and Pike/Pine, two distinct neighborhoods with a personality all their own. The result? The perfect lifestyle balance.

Call it the Luma neighborhood. A place where you can have your peace amongst the tree-lined streets and classic architecture of First Hill. Or entertain your intellectual curiosity at an author appearance or political discussion at Town Hall Seattle. Then leave your well-behaved side at home and walk a quick two blocks to the Pike/Pine, where Seattle’s craftiest cocktails and most-talked-about cuisine are a dinner date away.

Luma offers matchless proximity to Downtown. It turns weekday commutes into a pleasant stroll and weekend itineraries into wonderful adventures. With world class dining, live music and theater, museums, avenues of shopping and a myriad of parks, the hardest thing to decide is what to do first.

Where Seattle’s historic past blends with Seattle’s thriving future.
A place of tree-lined streets and graceful residences, First Hill is home to Seattle’s most interesting intellectual and cultural institutions. Explore the Frye Art Museum, with its living legacy of art, tours and classes. Discover Town Hall through seasonal concerts, lectures, author and poetry readings. Cap off an evening with a cocktail or late night treat at the recently renovated and historic Sorrento Hotel. Click here explore more of what makes First Hill great.

On any given morning, noon or night, Pike/Pine is where Seattle is at.
From brunch at Terra Plata to bowling at The Garage, wine tasting at bar ferd’nand to burgers on Broadway, the must-do list is long and entertainingly diverse. Explore the Pike/Pine for artisan food, vintage shopping, craft coffee, and fringe theater. Pick up a dodge ball and head to Cal Anderson Park. And don’t forget the Capitol Hill’s most popular events: the Block Party, Seattle Pride, the Seattle International Film Festival, and many more.

Luma Neighborhood Gallery.

We are happy to announce that Luma is 100% sold out. If you are interested in any future opportunities that may arise, please contact us. 

Thank you for your interest in Luma. Please provide us with the information below and we will follow up. If you prefer to contact us directly, please email or give us a call at 206.749.5862.