Luma Construction Updates

The Tower Crane is Down!


The tower crane has been removed as of April 28th, after a successful four-day process by Northwest Tower Crane.  As well, punching units has begun.  The owner, architect and general contractor are diligently going through the units to ensure a quality product is delivered to the buyers.

On the rooftop terrace, the soaking pool concrete has been poured and pavers and landscaping are going in!

LUMA has power! Direct power from Seattle City Light has been turned on so now receptacles and lighting within the units can be powered on as well.

All rooftop mechanical units have been set and the roofing is complete.  The project is completely dried in!

Gardens and Exterior Details Underway!


Take a stroll by LUMA and you’ll see that planting beds are being poured streetside, soon to be host to lush plantings to welcome you home.  All exterior glazing has been finished and the terra cotta detail is nearly complete all around the building.  Additional finishing exterior touches like guardrails and flashing are also now in place.

But that beauty is only skin deep and the heart of LUMA’s designer soul  is being revealed with casework installed through Level 20, tile through Level 19  and flooring to Level 17.  With all of this progress we’re only days away from another huge milestone – our tower crane will be dismantled over the next week!  With 55% of LUMA’s homes already sold we encourage you to call us to select your residence before your favorite is spoken for!

It’s in the details – LUMA is taking shape


Following the building’s “topping out” in February, the beautiful exterior glazing is now complete up to Level 23 and the terra cotta stone detail is being prepared for installation at the base of the building.

Inside, all LUMA homes are taking shape with framing and drywall moving up the building, as well as cabinetry, stone countertops, tile, and wood flooring being installed in the homes on the lower floors. As demonstrated in the two completed model homes, the award-winning finishes are really beginning to shine and the excitement of homeowners moving into their homes in the near future is growing!

LUMA has topped out!


One of LUMA’s most exciting spaces – the rooftop amenity floor – was poured at the end of January.  This will hold a clubroom and rooftop deck to cozy up with a good book, nosh with neighbors in a gourmet kitchen or hold a full-on social soiree.  Structural steel completing the building’s superstructure is now wrapping up, along with exterior glazing.  LUMA’s interiors are humming along as well, with framing taking shape up to the 17th floor, casework and tile installed through the 5th floor and even flooring being laid into place.

Although LUMA’s construction team is busy every day, limited hard hat tours will begin soon.  Be on the lookout for announcements from our sales team.  And be sure to visit our Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Twitter pages for even more insights.

Take a look at First Hill’s newest viewpoint


Luma’s 23rd floor filled with penthouse residences is currently under construction, so there’s only 1 more floor to go!  Our team got a first glimpse at Luma’s panoramic views and can attest to how stunning they are  The heavy-lifting of concrete pouring is scheduled to be complete by the end of January. The building will be fully enclosed with the window wall system in place by the end of February. Residence interiors are also taking shape, with drywall and ceilings installed through the fifth floor. Other detail work is in full swing, with casework and finishes underway on the second floor.


19th floor and counting!


1321 Nov 2015-3

From the 19th floor, the crew enjoyed amazing views in the early December sunshine. Interior finishes have commenced on the lower levels of the building and the tower crane will be tying into the structure and adding more segments in late December. Luma will complete its weekly cycle of one floor per week. Topping out at the end of January, construction is right on track for move in’s June 2016!

1321 Nov 2015-6

Interior finishes commencing in November


15.10.29 - Luma - Seneca Boylston

Let the countdown begin. Move-ins begin at Luma in just over seven months. Opening in June 2016, construction moves swiftly along. For the month of November, Luma continues its vertical rise above street level.  Over the next 3 months Luma will complete its weekly cycle of a floor a week, topping out in January.  Interior finishes are commencing in November, beginning on level 2.

15.10.29 - Luma - L16 Pour

LUMA marches steadily toward the sky


If you’ve taken a walk in the First Hill neighborhood lately you’ve most certainly noticed Luma getting taller each week. October marks a month which will see Luma grow by five floors, bringing the tower to Level 16, or two-thirds of the building’s overall height. That is 493 feet above sea level!

And Luma is adding more than concrete structure. A visit to the site will show that there is now glass as well! Installation of the window wall enclosure began in September and glass continues to rise up the building throughout October. But the growth is not just limited to the building. The tower crane will be growing as well, with new sections added later this month on October 24 & 25. Boylston Street will be closed for these two days only, just within the construction zone in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

Questions on construction-related issues? Be sure to give the Lease Crutcher Lewis team a call at (206) 713-3844.

Up to Level 7


Luma is Reaching for the Sky


If you’ve been near the Luma construction site recently, you’ve noticed that things are rising quickly. This week, the construction team will pour decks, columns and the core for level 6. Over the next seven months, the team will add one floor per week to Luma.

Last month, the team erected a hoist, which is a device used to lift and lower loads of supplies, equipment or people quickly between the ground and higher floors.

Luma Rises to Street Level


Construction on Luma continues and the first floor of the building (street level) is expected to be poured and complete in June. The building core (pictured) above will enclose the building’s three elevators, fire stairs and other infrastructure. The construction team will continue to pour concrete for the next twelve months. Seattle City Light activities will be ongoing in the alley located by Luma, with the south half of the alley accessible to neighbors.

Getting The Site Ready For A Tower


To prepare a site for a 24 story tower, many hours are spent coordinating, writing contracts, ordering materials, working with the City for permits and other critical details that must be thought out before a shovel hits the dirt. Once the permit is issued by the City, the site is prepped with secured fencing, demolition and temporary electrical service installed and sewer line connections made. Following the completion of site preparations, the shoring operation can begin, which requires the drilling and installation of steel bracing and soil nails – some of which are 50+ feet long. Shoring is a temporary support system that keeps the soil outside the perimeter of the building’s footprint in place as the soil within the footprint is excavated to make room for the area where the building’s garage will be located. This excavation will be just over 50 feet deep.

Construction Questions?

Contact: Robert Nixon
Lease Crutcher Lewis

Key Milestones:

  • February 2016: Topping out
  • March 2016: Crane removed
  • Summer 2016: Building open

We are happy to announce that Luma is 100% sold out. If you are interested in any future opportunities that may arise, please contact us. 

Thank you for your interest in Luma. Please provide us with the information below and we will follow up. If you prefer to contact us directly, please email or give us a call at 206.749.5862.